2200 x 1375mm Storage Container with Wooden Floor & Single Door on Side

Product ID31270
Internal Length1.30m
Internal Width2.01m
Internal Height2.02m
Floor35mm Wooden Plank floor
Floor Load500kg/m² 
Door TypeSingle Door with lock
Door PositionSide
Crane max load1500kg
Forklift max load3000kg

2200 x 1375mm Storage Container with Wooden Floor & Single Door on Side

Product description

  • Description

    This 2.2m x 1.375m storage unit with single door and wooden floor is fully constructed from galvanised steel. Corrosion resistance and strong build quality from a company dedicated to unfaltering service. Using exterior supports, Kovobel Containers save on interior space and provide clean flat walls for shelving and cabinets. These smaller containers are ideal for site security huts, plant rooms, small garden stores, gas cages, and general site and yard lockers. Kovobel flat-pack self-storage containers are ideal for anything requiring safe and secure storage, and with a whole wave of additional extras available, there is a configuration for everyone. Plus you can then easily pack up, fold it away and transport your container to a different site ready for your next project. The floor is manufactured from wooden planks, tongue and groove and 35mm thick for strength. We never use chipboard or OSB for flooring as it will not last the test of time.? Both these cheaper materials will absorb water over time and start to rot and weaken.Collapsible Containers offer a flexibility that other storage containers just can't compete with. Taking only a matter of minutes to put together, they provide functionality & convenience that is hard to argue with.  

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