5m Storage Container Wooden Floor 2.43m High Top - Double Door on End

Product ID31350
Internal Length4.84m
Internal Width2.00m
Internal Height2.43m
Floor35mm planked wood floor
Floor Load500kg/m² 
Door TypeDouble Doors with lock
Door PositionEnd
Crane max load1500kg
Forklift max load3000kg

5m Storage Container Wooden Floor 2.43m High Top - Double Door on End

Product description

  • Description

    5m Flatpack storage container - high top roof & double end doors.

    5m Container With Double Doors

    This 5m container with double-end doors on the end is perfect for a larger storage unit with headroom for use as a storage shed, workshop or other shipping container use. Particularly useful when people need to spend time in the unit. The extra height makes this high-top container feel more spacious and airy.

    With optional windows and a roof light strip, this container is perfect for use as a workshop or bike storage. The double-end doors allow maximum access, so storing plant, machinery and other bulky equipment is simple.  Add a Kovobel ramp for roll-in-out vehicle access.

    Flat Pack Containers from Kovobel UK are fully constructed from galvanised steel. Corrosion resistance and strong build quality from a company dedicated to unfaltering service. Using exterior supports, Kovobel Containers save on interior space and provide clean flat walls for shelving, cabinets and desks.

    Unlike a shipping container, the Kovobel QuickStore is designed for long-term storage. With natural ventilation to ensure no condensation build-up, your stored items will not suffer from damp. This keeps your possessions dry, safe, and mould-free. Read a comparison here between Kovobel storage containers Versus shipping containers.

    With a whole wave of additional extras available to customise your container, there is a configuration for everyone. Windows, Doors, Shelves & Integral Bunds are just a small portion of the options available. This taller container gives you the extra room you need for storage, or for a more spacious site office. Plus, you can pack it up, fold it away, and transport it to a different site ready for the next project. Collapsible Containers offer a flexibility that other storage containers just can't compete with. Taking only 4 men a matter of 45 minutes to put together, they provide functionality & convenience that is hard to argue with.

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