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6m Containers

Our 6m flat pack container range is built for security, strength and longevity. These modular containers are the perfect alternative to a 20ft shipping container. All our flat-pack containers are manufactured from galvanised steel with a solid wooden planked floor. We never use OSB, chipboard or sandwich boards as these cheaper materials absorb moisture over time.

20ft shipping container alternative?

The modular construction allows for quick assembly in difficult-to-access areas. Each panel can be carried to the final location, so narrow access will not be an issue. This allows for assembly in areas where a shipping container could not reach.

Kovobel containers, with natural ventilation, do not suffer from the condensation issues associated with 20ft shipping containers.

Flatpack containers offer a versatility that shipping containers cannot match. It is easier when access is restricted, or a crane can't be used.

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