6m Storage Container with Double Doors on End

Product ID21381
Internal Length5.84m
Internal Width2.00m
Internal Height2.00m
Floor35mm Planked wooden floor
Floor load500kg/m
Door TypeDouble Doors with lock
Door PositionEnd
Crane max lift1500kg
Forklift max load3000kg



6m Storage Container with Double Doors on End

Product description

  • Description

    The Kovobel QuickStore 6m is the perfect alternative to a 20ft shipping container. Fully galvanised steel and solid wooden planked 35mm thick tongue and groove floor. Kovobel containers never use chipboard or OSB floor boards. These cheaper materials will absorb moisture over time, allowing the material to rot and weaken.

    With double-door access at 1.93m wide, accessing the storage unit with large items is simple. Designed with natural ventilation to avoid condensation, any items stored will remain dry and in good condition.

    The modular construction allows for quick assembly in difficult-to-access areas. Each panel can be carried to the final location, so narrow access will not be an issue. This allows for assembly in areas where a shipping container could not reach.

    20ft Shipping Container?

    What's the difference between a shipping container and a Kovobel storage unit Find out here 

    With a wide choice of additional extras available to increase your container's functionality, there is a configuration for everyone. Windows, additional doors, shelves & integral bunds are just a few options. 

    All these add-ons make building a site office, plant room or other functional, protective cabin possible. Plus, you can pack and fold it away, transport your container to a different site, and place your QuickStore container ready for the next project. Collapsible Containers offer a flexibility that other storage containers can't compete with. Need to transport your Kovobel container assembled? No problem - forklift and crane handling make it simple to load the assembled container onto a vehicle, ready for the following location.

    Intelligent design and high-quality construction ensure Kovobel containers are the market leaders where strength and security matter.

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