The Importance of Proper Hazardous Chemical Storage

The Importance of Proper Hazardous Chemical Storage

It is a legal requirement for all businesses in the UK to ensure that hazardous chemicals are stored in a safe and compliant manner. Something enshrined in several forms of legislation, including the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002.

COSHH Regulation (2002):

"Every employer shall ensure that any hazardous substance in his undertaking is either used handled, processed, stored, or transported in such a way that its exposure to persons is prevented or, where this is not reasonably practicable, adequately controlled."

Failure to comply can lead to severe penalties, fines, or in some cases, the permanent shutdown of businesses found to be operating in an unsafe way. Though it’s important to emphasise that while potential legal issues are a strong deterrent for unsafe practices; responsible chemical storage is primarily about the safety and well-being of the workforce.

Not to mention, anyone else in the vicinity of the hazardous items in question.

Flat pack Containers: A Flexible and Affordable Solution

Increasingly, businesses are setting their sights on storage solutions that improve on the flexibility, versatility and cost-effectiveness of more conventional choices. Shipping containers and static outdoor structures are both viable options but can be difficult and/or expensive to install in awkward or confined spaces.

With a high-quality flat pack container, what you get is essentially the best of all worlds. Key points of appeal for these innovative storage solutions for hazardous chemicals (and general industrial storage) include:

Strength and Durability:

Flat-pack containers are manufactured from the highest-grade galvanized steel, making them durable enough to withstand even the harshest conditions in heavy-duty work environments. Unlike many types of conventional shipping containers, flat-pack containers are built to last, offering long-term reliability for your hazardous chemical storage needs.

Indoor or Outdoor Use:

Flexibility is key, especially when it comes to storing hazardous chemicals. What’s great about a flat pack container is how it can be set up and utilised in almost any indoor or outdoor space, offering robust protection from the elements throughout the year. Again, without the constraints of conventional containers which may demand much more space to set up.


The beauty of flat-pack containers lies in their versatility. Available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and configurations, it’s easy to find the right model to suit your storage needs. You can also customise them with shelving, ventilation and other intelligent storage solutions to create an optimised space for your chemicals and other equipment.

Lightweight and Transportable

Transporting and relocating a flat-pack container can be surprisingly simple. Modular construction allows for them to be disassembled into a series of 'flat' components, which can then be loaded into a standard truck or van, no specialist haulage equipment needed, something that can add to the affordability of flat-pack containers, while at the same time simplifying logistics for your business.

Temporary or Permanent:

Flat-pack containers offer the unique advantage of being suitable for both temporary and permanent storage solutions. Whether you need short-term storage during renovations, for the duration of a fixed-term project or long-term storage for on-going operations, a flat pack container covers all requirements.

Safety and Security:

Safety is, of course, non-negotiable when dealing with hazardous chemicals. Flat-pack containers are designed to accommodate a broad range of security features, such as lockable doors, high-strength windows, intruder alarms, CCTV coverage and so on. This way, you can ensure that only those authorised to do so gain access to your hazardous materials.

Cost Effectiveness:

A key priority for all businesses, flat-pack containers can be much more cost-effective than any comparable storage solutions. Particularly when compared to standard shipping containers, fixed outdoor structures and property extensions, a flat-pack container can offer considerable savings. All the added bonus of the rest of the benefits outlined above.

Still, it's vital to remember that these and other benefits attributed to flat-pack containers only apply when you choose the right source. Quality standards differ significantly from one supplier and product to the next, so you need to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

Whether you need short-term storage during site maintenance or a long-term chemical storage solution, Kovobel's flat-pack containers are designed to exceed expectations.

Embrace the future of hazardous chemical storage and partner with Kovobel, for an unparalleled storage experience that prioritises safety, efficiency and peace of mind. Call or email today to learn more.