What is the best flat pack container?

What is the best flat pack container?

Why choose a Kovobel flat pack container?

What is the best flat pack container? We've looked at our competitors' containers and analysed how we can make a strong and secure container with the versatility to meet as many user requirements as possible. Our conclusion was to manufacture our containers from the best materials, not always the cheapest, and use intelligent design for superior strength. Here's how we do this:

Kovobel flat pack containers - InfographicKovobel flat pack containers - Infographic

Let's start with the container floor

The standard Kovobel floor is 35mm thick, with tongue-and-groove solid wooden planks. This is factory-installed over a strong steel galvanised frame to produce a long-lasting, strong floor panel that will last the test of time. You can park a car in our containers!

Kovobel also offers a full steel floor and leak-proof steel bund floor on our 2.25m and 3m units. This keeps these containers free from combustible material, making them perfect for special storage requirements and hazardous chemical walk-in containers.

Our competitors floor

Generally, most flat pack container manufacturers use 18-mm-thick OSB (Orientated Strand Board). This cheaper material will absorb moisture over time, resulting in a weak, soft, rotting floor structure over time. OSB is not designed for outdoor use but is better suited to dry conditions and light loads.

Side walls and roof panels

Kovobel side, end, and roof panels are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel, 0.75mm thick, and profiled for strength. Each panel is then further reinforced with external box section galvanised steel bars, which add to each panel and the container's overall strength and stiffness. Our containers are so strong, you can stack them on top of each other! Using galvanised steel ensures a rust-free construction protected from corrosion.

Our competitors typically use steel at 0.6mm thick, 25% less than our steel thickness. Therefore, less strength and no reinforcing bars make for a weaker assembled unit.

Flatpack container designed for strength

Kovobel's design includes unique red reinforcing corner brackets that anchor all the panels together. These 3mm-thick heavy-duty brackets are incredibly strong, giving the Kovobel container its reputation as the stiffest and most robust flat-pack container on the market. Our clever corner brackets, with integral locator pins, also allow Kovobel containers (of the same size) to be safely stacked on top of each other. Two high when in use, or eight high for transport or when flat packed. Each corner bracket is bolted to join the overlapping panel to create a secure and ridged structure from the floor up. These corner brackets also ensure the container is robust and secure when flat packed.

Adaptability: Kovobel offers various factory options and add-ons to further enhance our standard containers' functionality.

Factory options include the following:

Add-ons can be added after assembly and include...

In conclusion

Kovobel Containers are designed and manufactured to be the best flat-pack container on the market. Intelligent features and the best choice of materials ensure we constantly produce great products. Whatever your requirements, you can trust Kovobel storage solutions to be reliable, robust, and long-lasting.

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