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Is it Possible to Paint a Galvanised Storage Container?

April 11, 2021


We understand that, especially in a domestic setting, a shiny galvanised finish may not suit

everyone. But, galvanised steel is very hard wearing and offers excellent corrosion protection

ensuring a long life, lasting decades.  

We do not offer a painting service or colour options for our containers but it is possible to

paint your container when it’s assembled or before assembly.

What is Galvanising

May, 2021


Galvanising is the process of protecting the steel by applying a zinc coating. This zinc coating

protects the containers in all weathers from the effects of rust and corrosion. The only

reason to paint a galvanised container is to change the colour as it is not necessary to apply

paint to provide any additional corrosion protection in a normal environment.

What Are My Options?

A) Option 1.  Use a ‘Direct to galvanised paint’. Follow the manufactures instructions as this will

differ between brands.  This usually includes cleaning all surfaces with soap or de-greasing

agent.  A good traffic film remover, known as TFR, applied with a pressure washer is

effective.  Allow to dry and apply with brush or roller.  There are also coloured Zinc spray

paints available which will give a good DIY finish.

B) Option 2.  Treat the galvanised surface with ‘Mordant Solution’ also known as ‘T Wash’.  This

acidic solution is a pre-treatment for clean zinc coated galvanised finishes.  This turns the

galvanised silver colour to a black finish.  The acid etches the top layer neutralising the salts

created by the zinc.  Then apply a primer to the steel followed by a top coat in the colour of

your choice.

Additional Helpful Info..

The galvanised finish of our containers is smooth and shiny when new.  This makes it difficult for standard paint to stick and adhere to the surface.  The manufacturing process leaves a slight oily residue that will allow any paint to peel off after a few months.  But with the correct surface preparation it is possible to successfully paint your container.  After the finish has weathered for 12 months the options are a bit easier.  For a new container there are 2 options that have proved to have worked on new galvanised finishes. There are also different paint and coating manufactures bringing new products to the market for both professional and DIY application.