Exploring the Different Sizes and Dimensions of Flat Pack Containers

Exploring the Different Sizes and Dimensions of Flat Pack Containers

Flat pack containers are providing homes and businesses across the UK with the unique opportunity to make more practical and versatile use of the outdoor space they have available.  More flexible than a conventional shipping container and far more cost-effective than a conventional extension, flat pack containers can be used for almost any purpose required – permanently or temporarily.

For maximum convenience, flat pack containers can be procured in a broad range of sizes, from 2.25M to 6M in length, each bringing unique functionality and benefits to cater to diverse needs.  In addition, each of the size options available opens the door to limitless options for customisation and personalisation, positioning of windows and doors, incorporation of security features and so on.

While a container of any size can be used for a limitless range of practical applications, the following are just a few examples of popular uses for our best-selling flat pack container sizes:

2.25M Flat Pack Containers

Our smallest offering in the flat pack container range, the 2.25M variant is a compact yet potent storage solution suitable for domestic and commercial applications alike. These containers can be utilized as a garden shed, a portable on-site storage for equipment, or even a tool shed for DIY enthusiasts. As they can quickly be assembled and disassembled, these containers can serve as both temporary and permanent fixtures, accommodating just about anything. The convenience and versatility make these containers the perfect solution for compact storage needs.

3M Flat Pack Containers

A perfect alternative to a traditional 10-foot shipping container, the 3M flat pack units offer the added benefit of easy assembly and disassembly. They are excellent for storing large items such as quad bikes, motorcycles or even serving as a robust garden shed. Their flexible configurations support a variety of security and shelving add-ons, making customisation a breeze. The capacity of our 3M flat pack containers opens up new realms of possibilities in terms of storage and utility.

4M Flat Pack Containers

For those requiring a larger space, our 4M flat pack containers fit the bill perfectly. Available with an open front option, these units cater perfectly for larger applications such as garden offices or grand garden sheds. They are perfect for securely storing larger equipment on-site. The customization options ensure that your 4M container becomes a bespoke solution tailoring precisely to your specific needs.

5M Flat Pack Containers

Stepping up the size scale, our 5M flat pack containers can comfortably accommodate even larger items like cars. Paired with our 5 and 6-metre carports, these containers can serve as a premium large garden shed or a perfect on-site equipment storage solution. With access flexibility, these containers offer a versatility and ease of installation that standard shipping containers cannot match.

6M Flat Pack Containers

The largest of our offering, the 6M flat pack containers, are designed with a prime focus on security, strength and longevity. These modular containers are a superior alternative to a standard 20ft shipping container and offer practicality and portability in one package. Our containers are manufactured from galvanized steel and a solid wooden planked floor, these containers are perfect for long-term storage, workspace needs, or even larger-scale domestic applications.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular construction is making waves throughout the portable storage and structure industry, as an ingenious solution to the most common problems associated with traditional shipping containers and permanent outdoor structures.

Whether it's for home or business use, the possibilities you can explore with a convenient and affordable flat pack container are endless.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Limitless Possible Uses: These units can be used as storage spaces, offices, living spaces, pop-up shops and so much more; the possibilities are endless.
  • No Specialist Haulage Equipment Needed: The panels can be transported individually and manually to the setup location.
  • Fast Assembly: The modular design allows for speedy setup, even in tough-to-reach places.
  • No Condensation: Unlike traditional shipping containers having issues with condensation, ensuring the interiors remain dry and contamination-free.
  • No Rust or Weather Damage: The flat pack containers are crafted from materials that resist rust and withstand harsh weather, enhancing durability.
  • A Cost-Effective Option: Flat pack containers offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional structures or shipping containers without compromising on quality and versatility.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the ways our containers can be used in more detail, contact a member of the team at Kovobel today.