What are Kovobel containers?

What are Kovobel containers?

Kovobel self-storage containers have proven themselves on the international market for over 20 years. Innovative engineering makes them solid and long-lasting while providing the best and most efficient self-storage solution.

From general storage to 
chemical storage, open shelters, carports and more, Kovobel UK can definitely help you find a solution for your storage needs.

Each container is made from hot-dipped, galvanised steel to ensure the best protection and a long, rust-free lifespan.

All our containers are simple to assemble and disassemble, even with a team as small as two! This makes them easy to move and transport in flat-pack form. Multiple flat-packed units can fit in larger containers both horizontally and vertically, therefore making air and sea transport easy.

Light but strong containersKovobel Container Forklift

The lightweight but strong steel material Kovobel uses makes them perfect for manual handling and transportation via forklift or trailer. They can also be lifted by crane thanks to their painted and galvanised steel corner angles. Typically, a Kovobel self-storage container is a third of the weight of a standard shipping container. This means that while a 20′ (6m) shipping container weighs a hefty 2300kg, a Kovobel container of similar dimensions weighs only 780kg! 

Don’t let the low weight deceive you! We have these containers assembled in our yard, and the build quality and rigidity are astounding. They are solid and sturdy, with reinforced walls and solid 
planked wood flooring.

What can be stored in a Kovobel container?

Kovobel flat-pack self-storage containers are ideal for safe and secure storage. Take care when storing any materials that need special regulation, we have hazardous chemical specific containers that comply with COSHH regulations. The Kovobel containers can be used for multiple purposes, varying from:quad bike storage container

  • Self-Storage facilities.
  • Personal storage
  • Gardening equipment storage
  • Vehicle storage & carports
  • Plant, parts, and equipment storage
  • Construction material storage
  • Dead drop after-hours
  • Garden sheds
  • Open shelters
  • Chemical products for COSHH storage
  • Festival and events storage
  • Mobile catering and food preparation
  • The list goes on.....

motor bike storage in a dry kovobel container