How to Assemble a Kovobel Container

How to Assemble a Kovobel Container

Assembling a Kovobel Container

For help on how to put up a Kovobel Container, please watch the short video guide Within the Blog.

Kovobel Secure Storage Containers are lightweight and easy to handle. A 6m (20ft) Kovobel container, the largest size, weighs only 780kg. This is considerably lighter when compared to a same-sized shipping container, which usually weighs around 2300kg.

Flat-packed Kovobel containers can be lifted using a forklift or carried and manoeuvred as individual panels by a small team of people. Correct forks with the required length must be used when handling the storage container with a forklift (fork guides available here).

Kovobel containers can also be safely and securely assembled in a stacked position on top of each other or connected end-to-end for a larger storage area if multiple self-storage units are required.

Stacking requires the use of thRoof Stiffening bars found here.

Combining containers end to end requires the Connection Kit found here.

Best of all, the containers can be installed indoors (such as in warehouses) or outdoors. Their galvanised steel construction ensures a long & rust-free lifespan in any climate.

Kovobel Container Assembly Guide

Watch the below demonstration video to understand how to unpack and erect your container properly.


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