Weatherproof Container Connection Kit - End to End

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Weatherproof Container Connection Kit - End to End

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    Our Container Connection Kit allows the expansion of your storage space by combining two of our Kovobel Flat Pack Containers. 

    Whether you need more storage than is available in a single container or need to fit a specific space, our container connectors allow you unrivalled flexibility. Our weatherproof connection kit allows for our standard 2.2m wide containers to be connected lengthways, so 2 x 3m containers will give a 6m container.

    You can connect different-length units too. A 5m unit connected to a 4m unit will give you a storage container with 9m length retaining the width and height at 2.2m.

    Connecting containers together can be particularly useful when handling or positioning a larger unit may not be possible. Moving 2 smaller units may be more practical. Then, join them together to form a larger storage capacity once in position. Due to the construction method, it is not possible to connect containers to create a wider space. So, no side-by-side connection is possible.

    Please contact us for a delivery quote for this item. Delivery is free when included with a storage container.  


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